Here are some resources that may be of interest to organizational researchers, practitioners, and students.

IO RELEVANT MEDIA - IO Psychology Reddit thread - Reddit tread on academic psychology - IO focused podcast - SIOP Podcast - IO Psychology Blog - Data science newsletter with interesting open/free datasets - IO Blog - Evidence based management blog - Reddit thread where people post and take surveys (good place to pilot surveys for free) - Cool (i.e. nerdy) data themed reddit - General psychology podcast - No Free Hunch. Kaggle’s data science blog - Glassdoor research newsletter - McKinsey newsletter with practice-oriented research - Great example of translation of research (not just psychology) - British Psychological Society newsletter - Data science newsletter - Wharton’s research newsletter - Adam Grant’s newsletter - Fast Company newsletter - Center for Evidence Based Management - IO blog – Blog on retracted papers, across all disciplines - IO Twitter (It’s a fun, weird place)

STATISTICS TRAINING PROGRAMS CARMA Summer Short Courses (live webcasts, library of videos on stats techniques, great workshops on methods) - ICPSR Summer Programs - Stats Camp - General data science fellowship - APA Advanced Training Institute - Stats training short course organization. - Offers many courses on software. (R, Python, etc.) and topics (Machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and more)

PUBLIC/OPEN DATASETS - Massive trove of publicly available datasets on many topic - Large amount of personality, interests, etc. data - Reddit thread with many interesting/novel datasets - MSU CMPR data archive - Public dataset list – Selection relevant dataset -Massive spreadsheet of open datasets

USEFUL SOFTWARE/TOOLS - Free version of data visualization tool for students - R statistical software. Get it, learn it, love it. - RStudio R add-on, which makes R interface much more user friendly. - Great selective screen capture software - MetaBUS research synthesizing software. AWESOME, basically automated meta-analyses on demand. - Boomerang email delay software, if you need surveys to go out as a certain time. - Tool where you can enter scale items and see if a similar scale exists

OTHER USEFUL SITES - International Personality Item Pool with many good public personality scales - Comps flash cards (Not mine) - Comps study guide (old – 2009) (Also not mine) - Occupational Network (O*NET), the U.S. government’s job analysis archive.

RELEVANT ASSOCIATIONS - Academy of Management - Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology - Association for Research in Personality. - Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science - Psi Chi - Michigan Association for Institutional Research - Center for Positive Organizations - Association for Psychological Science - Society for Human Resource Management - Association for Talent Development (i.e. training) - Society for the Study of Motivation - American Psychological Association - International Personnel Assessment Council - Personnel Testing Council Metropolitan Washington. Host a yearly consulting challenge where students and placed on a team and work on an organizational problem with a partner organization - Chicago Industrial Organizational Psychologists. Host a yearly consulting challenge where students and placed on a team and work on an organizational problem with a partner organization